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Game Mode

You can select 4 game modes.

Novice Mode  (Novice Mode is selected from the main menu)

Lower difficulty than Casual Mode, shots are more powerful.
Players who don't normally enjoy shooters should begin here.


Casual Mode
Low difficulty with a simple score system.
For beginners and those looking for a fun, casual experience.


Original Mode
The basic mode, high difficulty.
For players who enjoy battle and earning high scores.


Expert Mode
Very high difficulty, energy accumulates easily.
For players who aren't phased by overwhelming battles.
Adjusted to earn ranks faster than Original Mode.

Aircraft selection

Choose from the RS, RX, and RA type fighters based on the drone deployment reconnaissance aircraft, RF-42 STORK.


A frame with the fastest mobility that specializes in focused straight shots that don't weaken with distance.
This frame can fight with agility by predicting enemy positions.


The basic frame. The shots of both the fighter and Rolling Gun spread slightly outward to attack at mid-range.
Suitable for fighting small or large targets, regardless of the situation.


This frame has low mobility, but it specializes in attacking all enemies with the Rolling Gun's wide-range shot.

Movement speed can be controlled precisely. This frame excels at dealing with small targets.

Game System

Button 1     (Switch): Y                  Shot
Button 2     (Switch): ZL               Bomber 
Button 3     (Switch): ZR               Autofire 

*The above settings are the defaults. Customize buttons in KEY CONFIG.


In the Rolling Gunner, the direction of the Rolling Gun and using Power-Ups are what to pay attention to in battles.
The Rolling Gun automatically changes direction in Fire Mode and is fixed in Gunner Mode.
When enemies come from behind, set the Rolling Gun to point backward and destroy them.

★Rolling Gun
A weapon that spins in response to the ship's movement that can attack in all directions.
The Rolling Gun itself can be used to attack; it inflicts damage on enemies when they touch it.

★Auto Bomber
When you have one or more bombs in stock, a Bomber will be released automatically upon taking damage.
In Original and Expert Modes, all are consumed. In Novice and Casual Modes, one is consumed and you can perform an emergency evasion.
Keeping at least one bomb in stock can protect against mistakes.

Energy accumulates by collecting medal items that appear when attacking enemies.
Power-Up can be triggered when energy is at max (1,000).
While Power-Up is active, shots are stronger until energy is fully consumed.
Surrounding enemies are destroyed when it is triggered, so using it in dangerous situations is useful.

★Limiter Release
When medal items are collected while Power-Up is active, a limit gauge appears in the energy gauge.
Pressing Button 2 when the limit gauge is over 10% unlocks the Rolling Gun's power for a short time.
Surrounding enemies are destroyed when this is triggered as well, so it can be used to avoid danger.
Limiter Release will continue until the limit gauge is depleted, regardless of the amount of energy.
It can be used to extend a powered up state by using it just before Power-Up ends.

★Bonus Counter (Original Mode, Expert Mode)
The Bonus Counter increases whenever medal items are collected.
Normally item points are added (S: 100, M: 300, L: 1,000, XL: 5,000), but while Power-Up is active, points added are equal to item points plus the Bonus Counter.
Bonus Counter points are doubled while Limiter Release is active.
The Bonus Counter reduces by half when Power-Up or Limiter Release ends.

★Rank (Original Mode, Expert Mode)
Using Power-Up or Limiter Release raises your rank and the game difficulty increases.
Score multipliers are added with ranks and the multiplier raises with the rank.
Raising your rank is the key to increasing your score.
Bombs and mistakes lower your rank.

★Item Rank (Original Mode, Expert Mode)
Collecting items during Power-Up and Limiter Release adds to your item rank.
When 10,000 is reached, it is reset to 0 and 1 is added to your rank.
Putting up a good fight after Power-Up is important to increase your rank.

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