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Nintendo Switch Download Version   Now on sale!

eShop selling price  US:$19.99  EU:£17.99

With the cooperation of Mebius and Mastiff, we had the opportunity to deploy Rolling Gunner outside of Japan.

Thanks to both companies.

And thanks to the avid shmup players who supported us.

Additional content "Rolling Gunner Overpower" Windows Version is now available!

Nintendo Switch Physical Package Edition Pre-Orders Started

Please contact Physicality Games for more information on the physical package version.

- March 18th, 2061 - Mission to Destroy BAC: "Operation Downfall" Commences -

The mission is to use RF-42R STORK to destroy BAC, which had turned Lerman Matsunaga into a fortress.  Considering BAC's speed of invasion, this is likely the last strategy left for the remaining human population.

And now the final hope takes flight...

Nov 17, 2019


PC physical package version update file Ver1.20 has been released.

Nov 1, 2019


・Rolling Gunner Additional content "Rolling Gunner Over Power" Official release

June 20, 2019


・Rolling Gunner for Nintendo Switch : Started selling in America and Europe.


June 16, 2019


・The release date of Rolling Gunner in Nintendo switch edition in US and EU was decided on June 20, 2019.


・The English version of the PRG website has been opened.​

・PC physical version is also on sale.

  We introduce stores that can be shipped outside Japan.


Game Title:Rolling Gunner

Genre: Full-scale side-scrolling shooting game

PC version recommended operating environment


・CPU CPU:Intel Core i5-2400

・GPU:GeForce GT1030 2GB



​・Input device:Keyboard, Controller

Please check the trial version before purchasing.

Nintendo Switch version

Please check each site for details. 

(The information will be updated from time to time.)

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