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PC physical edition dealer

Users who need the physical PC version should purchase from the site below. It is possible to ship out of Japan.



​Rolling Gunner (Windows PC physical edition / Language)


It is a game disk for Windows. It contains two: Rolling Gunner and Galaxy Frontier.


DVD media

Sales price 2500 yen (excluding tax)

Rolling Gunner (PC) Ver1.10 UPDATE FILE

​Rolling Gunner Original Sound track

01    Team Rolling Gunner (TitleLogo)    COSIO
02    The Frame of Rolling Gunner (Opening)    COSIO
03    Briefing (Menu)    COSIO
04    Takeoff to Fire (Takeoff)    COSIO
05    The Last Shining Star (Stage1)    COSIO
06    Urban Warfare (Stage2)    COSIO
07    Regain Control of Biosis (BOSS)    COSIO
08    Master and Servant (Stage3)    COSIO
09    Root of Disaster (Stage4)    COSIO
10    Regain Control of Artifact (BOSS#2)    COSIO
11    Heading for space (Stage5)    COSIO
12    Dark side of the moon (Stage6)    COSIO
13    Requiem for RG (BOSS Last)    COSIO
14    Regain Control of Core (BOSS True)    COSIO/金岩 洋介
15    On Close (Result)    COSIO
16    Operation Downfall (Ending)    COSIO
17    To Galaxy Frontier (Ending True)    COSIO/金岩 洋介
18    Employee ID card (Ranking)    COSIO
19    Take or Goto Rest (GameOver)    COSIO
20    The Frame of Rolling Gunner -Title Ver.- (Title)    COSIO
21    On Close Another (Result Versions)    COSIO


​CD media

Sales price 1500 yen (excluding tax)

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