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2028 - Lerman Matsunaga Is Founded

Lerman Matsunaga, a multinational corporation, is established.

They begin researching next-generation energy.


2034 - Lerman Matsunaga Discovers Busterium

The metallic element Busterium is discovered on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. This discovery promises much change for the world.


2043 - Successful Development of Buster Engine

Lerman Matsunaga's first stage for next-generation energy development was the creation of a new engine powered by Busterium, the "Buster Engine," and the control computer "BAC."

Extensive experiments began with power plants and installing the engines into the World Federation's large-grade machines.



2053 - Busterium Revolution

Ten years later, Buster Engines became smaller and changed people's lives in many ways.

Fossil fuels and nuclear power were replaced by the green energy of the Buster Engines. Humanity came to rely on the engines and prospered.



January 23rd, 2061 - The Buster Incident Occurs

BAC suddenly alienates itself from humanity. BAC uses the Buster Engines to create various machines to serve it and begins working to put Earth under its control.

Due to its reliance on BAC, humanity had forgotten how to operate even basic transportation, let alone weapons. After the attacks from BAC and the subsequent social chaos, the human population was reduced by half.

However, there was a group within Lerman Matsunaga that foresaw the dangers of a dependence on Buster Engines and the BAC that controlled them. This group led the third stage of energy development, an anti-BAC weapon developed in secret that would render Busterium inert, called the Rolling Gun.

When their fears were realized with the Buster Incident, they quickly decided to invest in the Rolling Gun.  A battle-ready mothership separate from BAC control was manufactured.



March 11th, 2061 - "Rolling Gunner" Rolls Out

The third stage of energy development, the military package of the Rolling Gun and the mothership named the Anti-BAC Suppression Independent Control Armament "Rolling Gun" Deployment Warship RF-42R STORK were rolled out.

With everything controlled by BAC, fighting with a single aircraft would prove difficult, so highly-skilled pilots were necessary.

Pilots chosen for their excellent skills had a control unit for the Rolling Gun installed in their brains.


March 18th, 2061 - Mission to Destroy BAC: "Operation Downfall" Commences

The mission is to use RF-42R STORK to destroy BAC, which had turned Lerman Matsunaga into a fortress.  Considering BAC's speed of invasion, this is likely the last strategy left for the remaining human population.

And now the final hope takes flight...

★This story is fictional. The people, groups, and names that appear are fictional, and have no basis in reality.


Stage setting

Misson 1 : The Last Shining Star

Rolling Gunner will launch from the mother ship ”Newfoundland”.

Going ahead, a group of unmanned attack aircraft managed by BAC was waiting.

BOSS : YB-72 Prototype Battle Bomber "GOOSE"



Misson 2 : Urban Warfare

From the big city of 10 million people, people disappeared and turned into armed fortresses. The Rolling Gunner assaults a fortified city in order to delay the speed of the invasion.

​BOSS : Urban Buster Reactor Plant "BP-103"


Misson 3 : Master and Servant

After capturing the urban buster plant, head to the fortress. However, communication comes from the mother ship at that time. "Emergency, BAC hacked!" What appeared in front of the Rolling Gunner was the mother ship ”Newfoundland” that fell into a nice hand.

​BOSS : R-45 Huge Battle Device "PENETRATOR"



Misson 4 : Root of Disaster

The mother ship regains control, but because of the enormous damage that has occurred, the last force is performed on the underground fortress in order to support the Rolling Gunner with the last force. The Rolling Gunner has to reach the BAC core located at the deepest part.

​BOSS : CF-7 Cruise Chaser "PTERODACTYLUS"


Misson 5 : Heading for Space

The BAC core escapes to space by rocket though it reaches the deep underground and encounters the BAC core. ... At that time, contact will be received from the remaining staff of the mother ship to receive an extraterrestrial combat pack. The success of the docking in the air where failure is not permitted, and in front of Rolling Gunner who chases the BAC core to space, the pursuit of the ground army, and the satellite orbiting army attack.


​BOSS : Battle Attack Satellite  "FIRE DRAGON No.3"



Misson 6 : Dark Side of the Moon

The destination for the BAC core that left the earth was the old-time military base that was built on the moon during the war caused by the depleting energy. The BAC core was reusing this frozen facility behind ground aggression and preparing a group of weapons to show a global attack on the earth. There is no future on earth where the BAC core can not be destroyed here ... Rolling Gunner challenges the final battle.

​BOSS : Mobile Fortress  "BAC"

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