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Rolling Gunnerとは?



What is a Rolling Gunner?

The production members have previously belonged to a game development company.

We wanted to make another favorite shooting game again. produced with the cooperation of various people who sympathize with that thought.

It is a side-scrolling game created with the cooperation of various people who sympathize with their passion.

Game features

Arcade style shooter


I made it aiming at the difficulty level of the arcade game. The game balance, direction and sound have been adjusted to give you a rich 30-minute experience.

Flashy production by 2D animation


Brilliant sprite animation by video artist PIROU IKEDA  (Twitter:@ikedasans) will enliven the results!

The composer in charge is  COSIO


Cosio (Twitter:@COSIOTONE), who was affiliated with ZUNTATA in the past, is composing music synchronized with the game progress.

★ Rolling Gunner delivery rules

・ Video distribution of game play is permitted including ending.
・ Uploading only BGM is prohibited.
・ Distribution of game programs and internal data is prohibited.
・ Please contact us for any other questions.

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